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Are we prepared for disasters? In Aotearoa New Zealand, as a nation we have a history of pushing through emergency legislation in the wake of natural hazard events to govern our emergency response. This has led to an expectation that post-event bespoke frameworks will be introduced to manage post-disaster recovery. Is there a better way? Instead of treating disasters as individual hazards, should we treat them as a pattern of events and legislate accordingly? Join us as we hear from experts to explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s current legal frameworks and the impacts these have on our ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural hazard events. Using an Auckland Volcanic Field eruption scenario based on the latest science, we’ll identify the challenges of managing disaster risk, examine the impacts of our current reactionary approach to disaster law, and explore possible alternatives.

Webinar Speakers:

Professor John Hopkins, University of Canterbury

Professor Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland

Holly Faulkner, University of Canterbury

Watch this informative webinar at the Resilience National Science Challenge YouTube channel here.

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