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Disaster Law Journals

Disaster Prevention and Management

(Emerald Publishing, ISSN: 0965-3562)

Disaster Prevention and Management publishes high-quality research which advances knowledge and practice in the field of disaster risk reduction and management.


(Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, ISSN: 1467-7717)

Disasters is a major, peer-reviewed, quarterly journal reporting on all aspects of disaster studies, policy and management. It provides an opportunity for academics, policymakers and practitioners to publish the results of high-quality research and practice on natural catastrophes, anthropogenic disasters and complex political emergencies. Disasters:

  • is the leading journal in the field of disasters, protracted crises and complex emergencies, terrorism and technological disasters;

  • informs disaster prevention, mitigation and response policies and practice;

  • adopts a worldwide geographical perspective;

  • publishes academic papers, but welcomes field perspectives and case study approaches; and

  • promotes the interchange of ideas among academics, practitioners and policymakers."

International Journal of Crisis Response and Management

(IGI Publishing, DOI: 10.4018/IJCRAM)

The IJCRAM is an academically rigorous outlet for research into crisis prevention, handling, and assessment in situations that include natural disasters, technological crises, and man-made disasters. It is focused on the design, development, implementation, use and evaluation of technologies and methodologies to support crisis response and management, and accepts high quality submissions on any qualitative or quantitative research methodologists involving these criteria. It also explores issues critical to the application of information systems to crisis response and management as well as covers all aspects of crisis management, from organisational issues to technology support to design support and knowledge representation.

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 

(Elsevier, ISSN: 2212-4209)

The IJDRR is the journal for researchers, policymakers and practitioners across diverse disciplines: earth sciences and their implications; environmental sciences; engineering; urban studies; geography; and the social sciences. IJDRR publishes fundamental and applied research, critical reviews, policy papers and case studies with a particular focus on multi-disciplinary research that aims to reduce the impact of natural, technological, social and intentional disasters. IJDRR stimulates exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer on disaster research, mitigation, adaption, prevention and risk reduction at all geographical scales: local, national and international. Key topics:

  • multifaceted disaster and cascading disasters

  • the development of DRR strategies and techniques

  • discussion and development of effective warning and educational systems for risk management at all levels

  • disasters associated with climate change

  • vulnerability analysis and vulnerability trends

  • emerging risks

  • resilience against disasters.

International Journal of Disaster Response and Emergency Management

(IGI Publishing, ISSN: 2572-4940)

The IJDREM provides a forum through which researchers, professionals, practitioners, policy makers, university students, and alike from multidisciplinary backgrounds including social sciences, behavioural sciences, environmental sciences, engineering, geography, management, public policy, and emergency management can share emerging knowledge and disseminate study findings in all aspects of disaster and emergency studies. The journal provides a means to exchange the latest ideas and concerns on the disaster studies.

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

(Brill Online, ISSN (online): 1878-1527) 

The JIHLS is a peer reviewed journal aimed at promoting the rule of law in humanitarian emergency situations and, in particular, the protection and assistance afforded to persons in the event of armed conflicts and natural disasters in all phases and facets under international law.


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