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Selected Publications

Challenges in Post-Earthquake Recovery of Damaged and Neglected Buildings in Christchurch CBD Olga Filippova, Ken Elwood, Toni Collins (2023) 56(1) Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering 38-54

419: Enhancing Integration of Disaster Risk and Climate Change Adaptation into Irish Emergency Planning Research 

Peter Medway, Dug Cubie and Martin Le Tissier, EPA Research, Ireland, 2022

Post-Disaster Dispute Resolution: A New Zealand Case Study 

Toni Collins and W John Hopkins in: Singh, A. (eds) International Handbook of Disaster Research (Springer, Singapore, 2022).

Addressing Specific Vulnerabilities Through Integrated Climate and Disaster Risk Governance: Lessons from the Philippines

Tommaso Natoli, IFRC, Geneva, 2020.

Sendai Five Years On: Reflections on the Role of International Law in the Creation and Reduction of Disaster Risk

Marie Aronsson-Storrier, International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, 2020

Beyond Early Warning Systems: Querying the Relationship Between International Law and Disaster Risk (Reduction) 

Marie Aronsson-Storrier, 1 Yearbook of International Law 51, 2019

Disaster Risk Reduction: An International Law Perspective 

Giulio Barolini and Tommaso Naoli, Questions of International Law (Zoom In), 2018

Governance in the Sendai: A Way Ahead? 

Emmanuel Raju and Karen da Costa, 27(3) Disaster Prevention and Management 278, 2018

The Role of International Environmental Law in Disaster Risk Reduction 

Jacqueline Peel and David Fisher (eds), Leiden; Boston: BRILL, 2016

Law and Management of Disasters: The Challenge of Resilience 

Alexia Herwig and Marta Simoncini (eds), Routledge, 2016



The Relationship Between Human Rights and Disaster Risk Reduction Revisited: Bringing the Legal Perspective into the Discussion 

Karen da Costa and Paulina Pospieszna, 6 Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies 64, 2015


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